Dr. Rosenberg investigates the physico-chemical, functional and microencapsulating properties of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Using the basic and applicable information that is derived from this research, he develops platforms and devices (microcapsules, composite gels, emulsions, etc.) for effective delivery of nutrients and bio-active compounds in food and related applications. Dr. Rosenberg’s research develops a better understanding regarding the physico-chemical principals that govern milk processability, functionality of milk constituents and the evolution of quality attributes of cheese and other dairy products. Dr. Rosenberg’s research program addresses current challenges pertinent to Food Forensics. He investigates and develops new approaches and analytical methodologies that allow authentication of foods and agricultural products as well as their regional origin.  Yet additionally, Dr. Rosenberg’s research develops applications for the concept of biorefineries in food processing as an effective means to address challenges pertaining to food security and waste generation in food processing.